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VMB-613 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen


Naval Aviator's Wings

Unit Awards

Summary:  VMB-613 was commissioned on 1 October 1943 at Cherry Point, NC.  The squadron transferred to Boca Chica, FL in February 1944 for torpedo and tactical training.  Returning to Cherry Point, NC 22 March 1944, the squadron remained there until early August 1944 when a move to Newport, AR was effected.  The flight echelon departed 21 October 1944 for San Diego, CA then embarked aboard the USS Tulagi for Ewa, arriving 4 November 1944.  The ground echelon joined flight echelon at San Diego, CA on 3 December 1944 but sailed for Kwajalein a week later aboard the USAT George W. Juilan.  From Ewa the flight echelon flew to Kwajalein and was joined by ground echelon on 23 December 1944.  Operations in the Marshalls began in January 1945 against Wotje, Maleolap, Jaluit and Mille.  On 11 January 1945 the forward echelon moved to Eniwetok, conducting antisubmarine patrols in support of the invasion fleet bound for Iwo Jima.  Following this assignment, including strikes against Ponape, the forward echelon rejoined the remainder of the squadron on Kwajalein by 13 March 1945.  In mid-May 1945 an advanced echelon flew to Iwo Jima to conduct anti-shipping patrols with VMB-612.  Failing to locate suitable targets, the advanced echelon returned to Kwajalein on 31 May 1945, where the squadron remained until the end of the war.  VMB-613 was decommissioned at Miramar, CA on 21 November 1945 following the squadron's return to the United States.

Commanding Officers:

Captain Robert C. Woten

1 Oct - 16 Nov 1943

Major Harry F. Baker Jr.

17 Nov 1043 - 29 Feb 1944

Lieutenant Colonel George W. Nevils

1 March 1944 - 26 Oct 1945

Major David M. Danser

27 Oct - 21 Nov 1945

Awards:  American Campaign; Asiatic-Pacific Campaign w2 bronze stars, and; World War II Victory.

Aircraft Operated Overseas:  PBJ-1H.

Aircraft Loses:  1 Operational; 1 Combat.


Private First Class John D. Sintich

23 January 1944

First Lieutenant William J. Love

6 February 1945

First Lieutenant Thomas W. Stone

6 February 1945

Staff Sergeant John R. Schwaller

6 February 1945

Sergeant John A. Becker

6 February 1945

Sergeant Leland E. Baumbach

6 February 1945

Sergeant David Snider

6 February 1945

Private William F. Farley

6 February 1944


















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