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12 June 2008

Memo To:  All The Heroes Of The Last War We Won

The VMB 613 Reunion was held at the Crossroads Inn, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia during the period of May 14, 15, 16, 17 and departure for home on the 18th.

All told approximately 40 VMB-613 members, guests, widows and children of 613'ers attended.  Members of VMB-613 in attendance were: Bob Polakowski; RL Marx; Foster Cummings; Jim Packard; Cal Russell; Norb Gibbs and George McDearmon.

Widows and children representing their respective VMB–613 family member included Bernice Rudewick; Mary Jane Lewis; Dorothy Evans; June Werz; Doris Siergiewicz; Brooke Ligon; Beth Cullom; Bob Klinke; Chuck Duvall and Robert Yanacek.

While at the reunion, attendees visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps just outside the main gate at Quantico.  This newly-opened facility is a "must see" for any Marine or person interested in the history of our Corps.  The museum's collection included aircraft, uniforms, weapons and artifacts depicting the complete history of the United States Marine Corps.  One of the most significant historical displays included the actual flag that was raised by the Marines on Mount Suribachi in 1945–the one immortalized in Joe Rosehthal's famous photograph.  The only disappoint was the lack of a PBJ on display.

On the museum grounds, the VMB-613 memorial bricks were noticed by many attendees.  Foster Cummings also came across a Memorial Brick dedicated to Wendell Vidito and one dedicated to Donald Pelletier.  These two Marines, along with me and Foster Cummings were from Wakefield, Massachusetts.  Buzz Packard took a couple of pictures of the VMB 613 brick that is at the Museum and will mail it to us for all to see.

Other highlights included visits to the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Monument), Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam War Memorial (The Wall).  On Friday evening members attended the Sunset Parade at the Marine Barracks compound at 8th and "I" where they watched performances of the Marine Corps Band and the Silent Drill Team.

On Saturday afternoon, squadron members and guests were treated to a banquet at the residence of Stan Zack and Linda Duvall.  Linda and her brother Chuck Duvall are the children of VMB-613 squadron member Charles R. Duvall.  They generously hosted this banquet in the memory of their father as a way of saying "thanks" to our men for their service to our country.

The banquet was held at their home, a 35-acre ranch located just outside the Marine Base at Quantico.  Greeting members was a long entry lined with American flags.  The property was beautifully decorated with ample tables and chairs overlooking a swimming pool and a large stocked pond for those who wished to fish.  Lining the area was an enlarged series of photographs, depicting each VMB-613 member in attendance.

Prior to eating, each member of VMB-613 in attendance was presented with an American flag by one of five active-duty Marines in Dress Blues.  Each flag had been flown over the Iwo Jima Monument and was presented with a smart salute  and a message of thanks to each member for their honorable service during the Second World War.  This moving ceremony brought many to tears, especially the ladies who had lost their husbands.

Following the ceremony, attendees enjoyed a very good meal followed by a large VMB-613 cake.  With the meal completed, members enjoyed the remainder of the day sharing numerous wartime memories, viewing Doctor Scott's movies of VMB-613 on Kwajalein in 1945, and looking at hundreds of photographs from the collections of Art Navarre and Jerry Manning.  These photographs were brought to the reunion by our loyal webmaster and historian, Robert Yanacek.

As the event drew to a close, RL Marx posed, to the pleasure of everyone, for a few photographs wearing a vintage Marshall Island native grass-skirt brought to the event by Beth Cullom.  As each member departed, they were also presented with a small flag and colored picture by the youngest Yanacek children on behalf of Beth Cullom's students from California.

Our most sincere thanks goes out to our gracious host and hostess for making this reunion a most memorable and enjoyable event.


Deborah Nasta the daughter of Carmine Nasta sent along a message to inform us that her Dad and Mother (Edith) have moved to an assisted living facility.  Carmine also called from the new assisted living facility to say hello and that all was okay.  Their new address is as follows:

Carmine and Edith Nasta

C/0 Sunrise Assisted Living of S.I.

801 Narrows Road #405

Staten Island, NY10304

Tel No. 718-273-9147

Lloyd McDaniel called and passed on his greetings to all.  He hoped that all Reunion Attendees had a good time and enjoyed the occasion.  He had planned to attend the Reunion but an event came up unexpectedly and prevented him from doing so.

Gerry and Peg Gutshall say hello and best regards to everyone.  They had been planning to make the reunion trip but Gerry's knee replacements would not be able to accept the matter of his sitting around for any length of time. 

They said that they would miss the trip and seeing all of their special friends, as well as, the side trips that are in the plans.

Jim and Buzz Packard sent their regards to all.  They were in the Washington DC area taking a walking tour on their own.  The had planned to take in the Smithsonian area and hoped that the good weather would hold out for them.

They had been experiencing bad weather and one night they had to stay in a Wal-Mart Parking lot in Winchester because of the rainstorms severity.  In the morning the weather cleared a little so they were able to continue their tour.

I called Jim (Red) Nelson to see how he was doing and he reported that he has made minor progress in respect to his heart and body trying to work together.  Jim sends his regards to all.

He can raise his arm a little now without getting a lot of pain and is able to sit in a wheel chair almost all day long.  He still has to take pills and is now taking six pills a day which has been of help. 

He maintains a careful procedure when endeavoring to move about in the wheel chair and even when he is able to get out of it.  It is difficult for him to do even simple movements since his ability to control body balance isn't too good.

It is possible that he may be allowed to use a walker in lieu of the wheel chair when it is determined that his overall coordination has improved.

He has some more medical appointments to attend and it may be necessary for him to attend some more rehab sessions at the Medical Center.

Sandy Hudspeth is still at the Nursing Home but is getting back to normal.  He is walking with the help of a Walker following a set rehab program.  The Doctor wants him to continue with the Rehab routines to assure that his system is returning to normal procedure properly.

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation sent Marine Bombing Squadron VMB 613 a thank you for our gift to them in memory of Isaac Richardson and further said that an acknowledgement of our contribution would be sent to Lola Richardson..

Eric Sperger a friend of VMB 613 sent along a notice that he had recently spoken to Raymond Perry (Nagigator-Bombardier) who wrote the book on the history of VMB-611 "The Bombers of MAGSZAM" which is a collectors item and impossible to find.

Raymond Perry is doing a reprint which will be out in about 60 days.  The new book will have an expanded text and many new photos and some interesting material on the background of the PBJ's and the Marine Corps use of them.

If any one is interested in the new book they can contact the author Raymond Perry who lives in Vero Beach Florida, phone number 772-567-1475 regarding buying a copy of the new book  - The cost will be $25.00 but the cost of postage maybe extra.


Our Webmaster, Robert Yanacek reported that during April, VMB-613's website exceeded five-million hits–a quantitative testimony in the interest of our squadron by the general public.

Robert reported he recently received a phone call from Adam Prusick from Cleveland, Ohio.  It seems that Adam's grandfather was close friends with VMB-613 ordnanceman, Marty Prock.  Adam mentioned that while going through his grandfather's belongings, he came across a letter written to his grandfather by Marty while Marty was overseas on Kwajalein in 1945.

Adam contacted Robert to ask some questions concerning our aircrews.  Adam is a collector and has assembled an authentic display at his home of a complete set of flight gear that would have been worn by VMB-613 aircrews complete with boondockers, parachute and mae-west.  Adam's displays his collection on a mannequin at his home and has promised to send some photographs along when he gets a chance.

Robert also received an e-mail recently from Jim Martin, Airport Manager at Newport Municipal Airport.  Jim was born during World War II and lived in Newport most of his life.  Following six years of service in the USAF as a pilot during Vietnam, Jim returned to Newport to farm and work as the Assistant Superintendent of the Newport School System.

Jim wrote to say how much he enjoyed visiting our website and reading about our squadron and viewing the photographs.  He particularly like seeing the Bar-B-Q Inn menu that Doc Protheroe sent to our webmaster a few years ago.  Jim recalled reading that exact menu each week when he was a kid.

Following his retirement, Jim became the Airport Manager and has been tasked with transforming our old airfield into an asset that would make the Newport community proud.  He indicates that within the past four years he has made a great deal of progress in accomplishing that goal.  He is currently working to get a museum started near the terminal building.  Part of the display will include a World War II vintage BT-13 aircraft on static display and photographs from the USAAF of the airfield before we arrived.  He would like to solicit our members for any photographs and memories for inclusion in this museum.  Those interested in donating Newport-related stores or memorabilia may do so by contacting him at:

Jim Martin

Newport Municipal Airport

8502 Victory Blvd

Newport AR 72112

Phone: 870-523-3613

Jim also extended an invitation to VMB-613 to come visit the airfield at Newport anytime, with his assurances that those in Newport would show great hospitality.

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2008.  If there isn't an (08) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.  Many thanks to those members who have already paid their dues.

Note: (07) denotes 2007, (08) denotes 2008, (09) denotes 2009.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


THE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEM, the squadron logo hat pin is still available for VMB 613 members and friends.  This pin is an inch in diameter and comes in a pewter finish or gold plated with a hand painted finish.  The colors are similar to the colored logo that was mailed out several months ago. Marine Corps Scarlet Red background, Gold Wings, Black Cannon and Maces.  Plus it is made in America.

Pewter finish logo hat pin - $4.50

Hand painted finish logo hat pin - $5.50

A new item is the license plate frame.  It is a composition material (special plastic) with a red background and gold lettering. The top of the frame has U.S. MARINES and the bottom VMB 613 WWII.  The cost is $5.00 INCLUDING PACKING AND SHIPPING.

USMC Heat Transfer Kit.  Has 6 large insignias and 6 small insignias.  Can use on caps, T shirts or any other cloth item.  These kits are $3.95 each.     

We still have the small VMB 613 number plate for the rear window at $5.00 each.  These now can be ordered with either a WHITE or RED background. 

The regular size VMB 613 license plate complete with mounting hardware is now available on special order for $20.00.

We are out of stock on the Red VMB 613 caps. Efforts are in process to find a qualified organization to supply us with a restock of the caps.

These memorabilia items can be ordered from Charlie Knapp.

Here is a VMB 613 Special from McGrogan's Patch Design.  A cloth patch five inches in diameter which is the standard WWII size.  This is the VMB 613 squadron logo patch in color.  The cost to VMB 613 members is $3.50 per patch.  Order direct from the following address:

      McGrogran's Patch Design

PO Box 2254

Hayden, ID 83835


Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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