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5 July 2004

Memo To:  All The Fourth Of July Celebrants

Received word from John Siergiewicz who said that he and Doris had a great time at the reunion even though they were there only a short time.  They drove a total of 4500 miles on their trip which included getting down to Pensacola and back home.  They send their best to all.

Foster and Doris Cummings send their regards to all.  On their way home they stopped by Quantico and ran an inspection to determine what things had been changed since their prior visit.  They arrived home without any problems.

They are waiting for the 4th of July to arrive so that they can take in the fireworks display in the evening over the lake which is to the rear of their estate.

Doc Protheroe sends his regards to all.  He sent along an article about the Commanding General of Parris Island being transferred to Iraq after spending five years at the most famous base in the Marine Corps.  In addition he sent along an article about retired Marines revisiting Parris Island.  They went through some recruit greetings and were able to ask questions about today’s Corps.  These articles will be attachments to this newsletter.

Cal and Joyce Russell send their regards to all.  They said that the reunion was a smashing success and they really enjoyed meeting all hands in attendance.

Jim and Mary Jane Lewis say hello to all.  They both had a lot of medical appointments scheduled and it wasn’t considered prudent to endeavor to get them rescheduled hence they had to miss the reunion. 

Jim appears to have passed all his exams with flying colors and is under a scheduling routine for eating and swallowing liquids etc.

Mary Jane has to have some back surgery to repair a slipped spine.  After the operation she will have to undergo therapy. 

John Chappell says hello to all.  The severe weather has kept him indoors for weeks. Too slippery for him to try and go out to walk.  The inactivity caused him to lose some strength which he hopes to regain so that he can walk without losing his balance and falling down. 

Earl and Peach Richardson say hello to all.  They had a great time at the reunion and on their drive back home they went by the way of New Orleans for a night and then over to Biloxi.  They didn’t make any money at the Casino but did have a lot of fun.  They arrived home tired and have been catching up on rest and some work around the house.

Ted Adkins says hello to all.  All continue well with him.

Heard from Bob Geslain who says hello to all.  He recently went on line and has been keeping up with the VMB 613 Web Page.  The material in their astounded him, he thought that he had remembered a lot of the squadron doings but was amazed at what he didn’t remember or know about the various tactical events carried on by the flight crews.

Ed Alling sends his regards to all.  His plans to attend the reunion went astray and he was glad to hear the many great things about the reunion.

At a local Memorial Service at his retirement community he wore his red 613 pull over shirt which identified him as a Marine.  He met another resident who was also in the Corps and they had a great time going over Marine Corps events.

He was very impressed with the VMB 613 website and reviews it frequently each time coming across something else he had forgotten about or didn’t know occurred.

Heard from Jim and Buzz Patrick who say regards to all.  They reported that they almost made it to the reunion but it took a little longer than they anticipated to complete some scheduled events.

George McDearmon says hello to all.  Doris is undergoing therapy on her knee and he has had some heart work done to remove blockages.  Things are looking good for both of them.

His grandson was planning to take him to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. and George was going to wear his 613 red pullover shirt for the event.  I saw a lot of television shots on the activity and looked for George.  I saw several Red Hats with the Marine Corps emblem but failed to recognize George.

Jim Garls says hello and regards to all.  He had some ankle problems while at the reunion which slowed his movements down a little but things have improved.  He is able to move about a little faster and less dependency with his walker.

Jim read a public release in his newspaper from the Veterans Administration about public access to VA records re: family history and war records.  This data is as follows:

The VA has put on the web, 3.2 million records for veterans buried at 120 National Cemeteries since the Civil War.  The site address is  This makes it easier and faster for the public to get answers as to where their veteran relatives are buried.

The VA Grave Site Navigator includes names, dates of birth and death, military service dates, service branch and rank if known, cemetery information and grave location in the cemetery.

For several years military personnel who served in the Pacific were told that the 8-inch guns that were seen on captured Japanese islands were transplanted from British colonies such as Singapore and Hong Kong.  Robert Yanacek came across an article that dispels that theory.

The 8-inch guns on the Japanese islands were British Guns alright but they were purchased by the Japanese from the British and Italy in the years before WWI.  The same goes for the 7-inch guns at Wake Island.

British companies manufactured the guns for ships built on foreign contracts in the United Kingdom, as well as, in overseas factories where they held a share.  These were in such countries as Italy and Japan.

The guns at Tarawa fell into the same category.

Tracing the serial numbers on these coastal guns at the British armament manufacturers plants (which were really ship guns remounted as shore coastal defense guns) allowed the myth of the guns being moved from the British Possessions to be proven inaccurate.

As the Japanese improved the design of their ships they also changed the weapon size.  Some of the design changes were due to the Washington Treaty of Naval Limitations of 1922. 

Carmine Nasta sends his regards to all.  He has been continuing his sojourns with the VA who are endeavoring to isolate some of his health problems.  Hopefully they will be able to tell him why he feels tired a lot of the time.  This causes him to move around a lot slower than he is accustomed to.

Carmine was talking to Walt Matheson.  Walt reported that he had to go to the hospital for a short spell due to his legs giving out on him.  That was followed by a short stay in a nursing home so that he could regain his strength.  He is moving about now at home and gets assistance from some Nuns in order to go out shopping and getting a few things squared away in the home.

Carmine also reported that Gene Hansen is still in there pitching or rather ushering for the Baltimore Orioles.  He hasn’t missed a home gain so far this season.

Walter Gravello was also in touch with Carmine and said that he was still moving around and doing maintenance on his home.

John Chico Duarte reported in and sends his regards to all.  On their return home they went by the way of some casinos and using his system he more than paid for the cost of the reunion.  However, he was feeling tired and sluggish all the time on the way home.  He went to the doctor and found out that he had lost 28 pounds since he left for the reunion.  In addition he had a very high sugar blood count.

In the few weeks that he has been home he has picked up some energy, put on four pounds and seen his sugar blood count go down.  Slowly but surely he says that he is getting back to normal and will endeavor to relax more.

Mike Jacus sends his regards to all. Things are going well with him except for a problem with one of his ankles.  A winter or two ago he fell off a ladder and injured an ankle.  This ankle never healed properly so he has had to be careful in walking.  Recently he was picking up branches and leaves and carefully adjusted his weight on the ankles.  He didn’t shift the weight properly and damaged the Achilles Tendon in his good ankle.  The doctors do not recommend an operation at this time but have told him to treat it with respect and refrain from putting too much pressure on the calf.

Mike has been in touch with John Peterson who reported that his eye problem has improved slightly.  He has been allowed to go on a vacation with some limited medical caution.

Art Navarre sends his greetings to all.  He said that he is still able to get up and around but is limited in his driving ability so he has to schedule that activity with his chauffeur.

Bob Litzau says hello to all.  He was unable to make the reunion but was wondering who he would remember if he had made it.  Hopefully in a future one he will be able to make it and meet up with all the members he can remember.

Our webmaster, Robert Yanacek, reported that he has received some pictures of the reunions from members.  If any more pictures our out there send them to one of the following addresses:

Robert J. Yanacek

104Radio Road

Powells Point NC 27966 

Some of the squadron pictures on the website may not have any names denoting the individuals in the pictures.  If any of the individuals in the pictures are recognizable to the viewer please send the names to Robert Yanacek so that he can update the picture.

Website utilization has been on the increase and the hits are averaging 873 hits/day.  The total number of hits since the establishment of the website is 203,212.  So far during the month of June the Site has had visitors from: US Commercial, Network, Finland, Unites States, Poland, US Military, Australia, Spain, and Mexico.


Billy C. Tutt passed away in March.  Billy had been in the Corps prior to WWII and returned to the Corps after the start of the war.  His duties were in the Quartermaster Department where he was able to demonstrate his skills as a negotiator which proved to be invaluable to the squadron.

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2004.  If there isn't an (04) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.

Note: (03) denotes 2003, (04) denotes 2004.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


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These memorabilia items can be ordered from Charlie Knapp.

Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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