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9 January 2006

Memo To:  All the Arm Chair Quarterbacks

Happy New Year!

Many thanks to all for the phone calls, e-mail messages, cards and letters.


Doc Protheroe reported that they had the opportunity to spend November 10th, at the Recruit Depot on PI in celebration of our 230th birthday.  The weather was perfect and as an added attraction, graduation,  which is normally held on Friday, was moved up to Thursday to further commemorate the anniversary, adding to the festivities.

This change in date also provided those platoons graduating an extra special day, as well as, the many family members who have often come from far away to witness their sons and daughters graduation day. 

The last few birthdays the Depot has also put on a pageant which most often depicts a moment in Marine Corps history...Always interesting.

Of course they had to top off their day, in the mess hall, chowing down on steak and lobster.  They, as always, made the attempt to save room for a double helping of birthday cake.  The attached menu shows the super meal.

He hopes that all goes well with all 613'ers and told me to stay off the ice.

With the Xmas season coming on the scene Doc reported that they would be on Hilton Head for the holidays.  Their family will be coming down to spend the holidays with them.

If the weather continues to hold up after the Xmas Season they will consider going down to Punta Gorda in January for a few months.

Verl Scott reported that he is in good shape although the ground is covered with snow.  He says hello to all.

Ray Hickey sends greetings to all, and at this time, especially Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a better New Year to All!

He reported that 2005 was not a good year for Betty and himself.  They both spent time in the hospital for various types of medical treatments, some of which caused more problems and a lot of time in the hospital plus home recovery time. Even visiting the doctors office and sitting in the waiting room caused Betty to pick up the flu bug.

This series of events took over nine months and now both of them are trying to enjoy their old age by keeping busy, cutting firewood and continuing to be ready to combat any and all events that can erupt from another winter - snow and colder weather.

Some satisfaction is that they do not have any hurricanes and tornadoes, damaging earthquakes or other Mother Nature disasters - not even flooding.

Jerry Gutshall reported that they are now settled in their lovely upscale apartment where they can look out the windows and watch someone else rake our leaves and snow shovel our snow.  He and Peggy send their best to all.

Lloyd McDaniel says hello and regards to all.  He mentioned that his son would like for the both of them to go to the opening of the Heritage Foundation next year.  Lloyd said that he told him he would have to wait for the time and then make a determination.  His son also mentioned to him that he had met a WWII Marine Pilot who had trained in the PBJ but never got sent over seas because of his age and spent his stateside time as a training pilot.  His son is going to try and find out what outfit he was with. 

Mike Jacus sends his greetings to all.  He sent along a number of articles on a B-25 as published in their local papers.  These will be included in our newsletter.  This material doesn't get too much wide spread publicity since it concerns a plane that was resurrected at Sugar Grove Airport, northwest of Chicago.

Jim Brotherton sends his regards to all.  All is well with them in Daytona except for general health problems that all seem to get once they achieve a certain age level.  Even his golfing buddy says that everything about him HURTS and that which doesn't hurt - doesn't work!  His son Jim, Jr., the Golf Pro was inducted into the P.G.A. Golf Professional Hall of Fame for outstanding work over the past 25 years as a Club Pro.  This honor is awarded each year out of 28,000 golf-club professionals.

Willis Roose sent his Holiday Greetings to us and they will be a part of this News Letter.  He also said Happy Holidays to all 613'ers.

RL Marx sends his greetings to all.  He is still in Iowa endeavoring to get ready for their annual trek to Arizona and hopes to make it before the end of the year.  He wants to avoid the possibility of having to drive through snow since he doesn't have front wheel drive on his car so he maintains a watch on all weather bulletins.  He showed off his knowledge of Latin by describing various problems associated with a back problem that doesn't want to disappear.  This has slowed him down a little but he doesn't think it will prevent him from making the trek.

Bob Geslain sends regards to all.  He went to Parris Island to see his grandson graduate.  They now have three generations in the Corps.

Cliff Willis called to say hello and greetings to all.  He reported that the weather in his section of the world is terrible.  They have had a lot of snow, 8-12", than 6-10" more, strong winds and a sudden shortage of electricity when the wind blew down trees which in turn hit the electrical wires and snapped them off the poles, and then the poles themselves went down.  They had been without electricity for over a week and work crews were still running behind schedule trying to correct the problems.

George Comer says hello to all.  He is still involved with the work of keeping his farm going.  Due to some injuries received with a tractor he moves a bit slower than usual but endeavors to maintain a schedule.  He remembers the repair work involved with the second plane over the target at Ponape to make it flyable.  There was a lot of mechanical effort expended he recalled to restore the strength of the fuselage which had been damaged by explosives.  This included the area occupied by the Navigator.

George is also an avid reader of military history and he mentioned several books that he has recently finished reading.  They covered USMC activity and some Civil War events.

Dotti Roberson sent along an update on John.  Starting in April he found out he had a perforated gastric ulcer brought on by prednisone he had been taking for a breathing problem.

The required surgery was not performed properly, hence a change of doctors, more surgery, more medical analysis, and several close calls in his three month stay at the hospital before he finally made it through.  It is only by the grace of God that John is here said Dotti.  He is now doing well and is able to work in his wood shop.  For this to have been his very 1st hospital stay in his 81 years he really did it up.  He never lost his great spirit that he has always had.  They both hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Holiday season.

John Kennedy sends happy holidays greetings to all.  He was aware that I needed wood for my fireplace and mentioned that he had some really fine wood available.  He has a 40' oak tree that Wilma dropped in his backyard.  It's free if I'll come and cut it up.

Bob and Helen Polakowski send greetings.  They sent me a new type Christmas card that allows one to color it themselves.  They were fighting a -26 wind chill and decided to say inside and do some required chores where it is warm.

Ned Carmichael sends seasons greetings to all from the land of down under.  He has retired, for the third time, from the Goolva Christian Fellowship when the new Pastor was installed.  They have a small house boat moored in the front yard and they usually take it out about every ten days weather permitting and go on half day trips on the river around Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island.  They take any where from 2-6 people with them but can and have taken up to 12 people.  Ned said it isn't a large boat but large enough for their activity.

Received a message from Ostell Scarborough JR whose Dad was in 613 as a metalsmith.  He said I have recently visited the web site for Marine Bombing Squadron 613.  First congratulations on an excellent design and a well deserved tribute to those who served so valiantly during WWII.  When his father returned from war in 1945 he never mentioned the war until very later in his life and then in only small bits and pieces.  He was curious about his father's experience and wondered how he would go about uncovering any information about his friends and experiences while station in the Pacific.  I have recommended his reading the information available on the website which encompasses the assignments that the squadron had.  For any further information perhaps members of the squadron who worked with his Dad could correspond with him and give him more personal data.  His address is:

Ostell Scarborough Jr.

1519 Evans Pond Road

Greenwood, South Carolina 29649

He also said that he had about a dozen photographs that his father had left in an old box.  None of them are notated with dates or names.  They are photos of Marines at camp and a few are photos of airplanes that have been damaged or crashed.  Since he said that he would scan the photos and send them for review I suggested that he send them to our Webmaster and Historian.  Once they are put into the Web page all can see them.


We recently received information from family members that Ostell Scarborough passed away in the early 90's of lung cancer.  He had been a restaurant owner in Augusta, GA.

Don't forget our "MYSTERY PICTURE."  I was able to get in touch with Milt Schatan and he said that he would like to see the picture and try to identify the island location and the personnel. 

The picture went out to him in the next mail.

Thomas Stone Mystery Photograph


Robert Yanacek, our webmaster, has been very busy performing up dates to the system to improve its performance.  These updates cause more time to be spent in posting photos because of the added complexity to the system which allows for actual system improvement during the call up and viewing phase.

Robert Yanacek is unable to locate the following Marines on the VMB 613 Muster Rolls and would like verification as to their departments: 

T/Sgt Lynn Robinson - ORDNANCE ??

Corp  _____ Gilding - COOK ??

Mail your response to Robert Yanacek (or to me and I will forward it onto him.)

While uploading pictures he came across a photo in the collection which he had never seen before.  It is of a basketball game between Navarre's Stars and the Flyers.  The caption says that Jordan was taking the shot.  It is not on the website yet, but will be soon. 

Several members have visited out website and made Log Book entries regarding the visits.  All really enjoyed their visit.  Several non members also made Log Book entries all in the positive vain.

Our webmaster received a new photograph of some Ordnance personnel which was taken at Newport in September 1944.  This photo is now on our website.

To look at Kwaj Lagoon PBJ'S pull up the following addresses:

Here is another website with about 100 World War II photographs.  The photos were taken on  Tarawa, Majuro, Guadalcanal, etc. (Click on thumbnail images to enlarge):

Among these interesting photos are: 

- The Jap communications blockhouse and 8 inch gun at Tarawa

- Eddie Rickenbacker following his rescue from his plane crash at sea

- 4th MAW Officers Club on Majuro

- Admiral Nimitz walking around

- Aerial photos of bomb damage on Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2006.  If there isn't an (06) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.

Note: (05) denotes 2005, (06) denotes 2006.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


THE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEM, the squadron logo hat pin is still available for VMB 613 members and friends.  This pin is an inch in diameter and comes in a pewter finish or gold plated with a hand painted finish.  The colors are similar to the colored logo that was mailed out several months ago. Marine Corps Scarlet Red background, Gold Wings, Black Cannon and Maces.  Plus it is made in America.

Pewter finish logo hat pin - $4.50

Hand painted finish logo hat pin - $5.50

A new item is the license plate frame.  It is a composition material (special plastic) with a red background and gold lettering. The top of the frame has U.S. MARINES and the bottom VMB 613 WWII.  The cost is $5.00 INCLUDING PACKING AND SHIPPING.

USMC Heat Transfer Kit.  Has 6 large insignias and 6 small insignias.  Can use on caps, T shirts or any other cloth item.  These kits are $3.95 each.     

We still have the small VMB 613 number plate for the rear window at $5.00 each.  These now can be ordered with either a WHITE or RED background. 

The regular size VMB 613 license plate complete with mounting hardware is now available on special order for $20.00.

We have a limited number of Red VMB 613 caps, the cost is $10.00 each and are being sold on a first-order, first-serve basis.

These memorabilia items can be ordered from Charlie Knapp.

Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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