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6 February 2006

Memo To: All The Snow Shovelers

Robert Yanacek, the VMB 613 webmaster, received an e-mail from Linda Morgan, the widow of Colonel Robert Morgan, the pilot of the famous B-17 name "Memphis Belle".  Colonel Morgan served as the pilot of the B-29 name "Dauntless Dotty."  Her husband left the Pacific in April 1945 and "Dauntless Dotty" was turned over to a new crew that died in the crash at Kwajalein on the morning of June 6, 1945.

Mrs. Morgan is working with a group that is attempting to locate the crash site and recover the remains of 10 crewmen that died in the crash.  The crash occurred about one minute after take- off on the ocean side of Kwajalein Island. 

The reason she was writing was to get in touch with a Marine by the name of Corporal Robert L. Marx.  It seems that Corporal Marx was serving as a sentry on "Easy Beach" the morning of June 6, 1945 and saw the aircrafts takeoff according to an official report.  Any information he may recall could prove to be vital to locating the crash site and bringing home ten missing airmen.

Here is the link where R.L. Marx is listed as a witness on the official report:

Robert Yanacek further asked that I place something in the next newsletter requesting any VMB-613 members with information about the loss of "Dauntless Dotty" to come forward with their information to assist in the search.  The search for "Dauntless Dotty" was began by her late husband and she fully intends to carry out his wishes.

I have already been in touch with RL Marx regarding this matter and he is going to get in touch with Mrs. Morgan in the very near future.  When I called RL and mentioned the name of the airplane he immediately interrupted and said "I was there on guard duty the day the plane went and have all the information memorized."  RL did have the information memorized and relayed it to me for further transmission to Mrs. Morgan. 

If other members have information that they feel would be of value to the search team let me know and I will forward your name, address, et al to Mrs. Morgan via Robert Yanacek.


Doc Protheroe says hello and regards to all.  He and Jane decided to stay at Hilton Head for the holiday period and go down to Punta Gorda in January for a few months.

Doc came across a copy of the Menu from the BAR BQ INN at Little Rock, AK and sent in to Robert Yanacek for inclusion in the website.

This Inn was frequented by members of the squadron when they were stationed at Newport and was considered by several to be the best eatery in the area.  A copy of the menu is attached to this newsletter for all to read and marvel at the outstanding prices charged for the menu selections.

Heard from Jim and Mary Jane Lewis who reported on the great Thanksgiving period doings in their home town.  This included their going to the big cities for the big turkey day.

They had a great time visiting with all the grand children and great grandchildren.  In addition they were able take in their groups many luncheons, review the deer shot tally in their neighborhood and attend the Community Choir Annual Christmas Concert. 

This is the time of year that they start planning and packing for their January and February trip to Texas.  They are hoping that the warm weather will help them to live better with all their aches and pains.

Bob Chrisman sends regards to all and reports that all is well in Arizona.

Joe and Dot Waldowski wish all a very happy, healthy new year.  They had a nice Christmas with all of their children and grandchildren visiting at their house on Christmas Day.  They had all of the Polish ethnic foods available for all family members.

All remains well with he and Dot.  Dot continues to have some leg and knee problems but manages to keep moving.  Both of them remain active in their Senior Service organization which includes a trip to a Casino every four to six weeks.

Joes Marine Corps League Detachment went to a local Veterans Home on the Marine Corps Birthday and they had a little celebration with a decorated Marine Corps cake.  He said that the Vets really appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Stan Inman sends best regards to all 613'ers.  They just moved and it was a very stressful routine.  Every thing happened so quickly, they were unprepared and had to pack and move quickly.  Slowly they are getting unpacked but realize that it wall take awhile, thirty years of accumulations have to be sorted through.

Homer Anderson sends the best of everything to the gang for the coming year.  He and Janett are doing fine considering the old age aches and pains.  They are having beautiful summer weather with temperatures as high as 89 degrees and a continuous forecast for the same for a while longer.

Here is a request received from William and Jennifer Hull.  They wrote concerning their great uncle, Lieutenant Crawford B. Malone who died many years ago and they are looking for anyone who knew him.  

Can anyone assist them, perhaps some of the pilots or his crew members can. 

They would like to receive any and all comments about him since all they have are comments from family members. 

They can be reached at e-mail as follows:

After leaving VMB 613 in November 1945 Lt Malone was assigned to Headquarters Squadron, Marine Air Group Thirty-Five, Marine Corps Air Station, El Centro, CA.

Walter Brown says hello and season greetings to all.

Bob Litzau sends his seasons greeting wishes to all which includes a Good New Year.

Doc Scott sent along a message and said that he holds his good friends of 613 with real affection and wish them all well - especially the Medical Corpsmen who did such good service.

He said that he was the oldest person in 613 except perhaps for the Sgt Major, Mr. Old China Hand.  Doc will be 100 on August 15, 2006.  Life has been very good to him although he did have to have some selective medical assistance twice in the last month.  At his age the final elements in life do not worry him.

The most viewed photograph on the VMB 613 Website is a most unusual photograph.  It is the photograph of the VMB 613 Sick Bay with Doc Scott examining one of the flight crew members. Some other squadron members and the Corpsmen area also in the picture.

This picture gets viewed by at least five different people each day.  This makes Doc Scott a cyber-world superstar.

John and Doris Siergiewicz send their best to all.  They had just returned from a trip to Savannah where they stayed at a wonderful hotel and had a wonderful time. 

Bob and Helen Polakowski say hello to all.  They have been busy with family affairs but are considering going to Florida the end of January if all goes well. 

Sandy Hudspeth reports that the weather remains excellent in his area of Florida and sends his regards to all for a great new year. 

Carol (Mattox) and John Butler sent season greetings and that the New Year brings continued good health and happiness to all 613'ers. 

They have been very busy coordinating many family events and had a lot of holiday events that had to be scheduled into a short period of time.

Ed Alling says hello and greetings to all.  All continues well in Maryland he reported.

Joe Yak sends New Years Best Wishes to all.  He has been moving around the country side going fishing and trying to catch some.  His success has been in catching some white fish which are a member of the herring family.  They require special smoking or pickling in order to make them an edible delicacy.  The day we were talking he had just returned from catching two small trout which they had for dinner.

Their extreme cold winter weather gave way a little that particular day and it turned into a great spring day.  Health wise he is doing OK except for a minor eye problem which requires him to take special eye drops.  This has limited some of his activities.

His son the Lt Col is still traveling around the world for the U.S. Army checking the operation on the various posts.  Currently he is in Germany but expects to be back in the states shortly.


Condolences from squadron members to Wilda Chappell on the passing of her husband John Chappell.  John Chappell passed away on October 17, 2005.  His services at the Presbyterian Church were very impressive.  Four daughters sang his favorite hymn, two of them gave eulogies as did his wife, Wilda’s brother and a neighbor.  A brief sermon followed scripture readings by the Pastor.  Burial was with Masonic rights.

Condolences from squadron members to Mike Jacus on the passing of his wife Alice.

Prayers are requested for her.

Alice Jacus passed away on December 11, 2005. She had been ill for three years before a correct medical diagnosis was made four months ago.  The progression of the diagnosis (multiple myeloma) was too advanced to do much more than alleviate pain.


Mary Jason sent on a medical report regarding Harlan Jason which isnt too good in that he has to go to a nursing home to recuperate from a fall at home.  He tripped over his walker at home and fell and broke his right arm just below the shoulder.  He had been in the hospital for treatment which wasnt coming along too well so the decision was made to enter him into a nursing home where he could get quick assistance as required.  Hopefully he will begin to recover rapidly and get home.

Frank Demint reported that two years ago he received the news that he had lung cancer and six months was mentioned as the important date which determined his future.  He took chemo for one and one half years and the latest scan indicated he was clear in both lungs.  He continues to receive MRI and SCAN, and so far so good.  He sends good luck and Merry Christmas to all.

John Aymen says hello to all.  Various medical tests indicate that things are continuing at the proper level for his health status.  He still has to maintain taking selected medications though.  His strength hasnt returned to the proper level to allow him to drive so his son is continuing as his chauffeur.

Although he doesnt go outdoors too often he said that it would be nice to see the sun at times and have a little warmer weather.

Don't forget our "MYSTERY PICTURE."  I was able to get in touch with Milt Schatan and he said that he would like to see the picture and try to identify the island location and the personnel.  The picture went out to him in the next mail.

Thomas Stone Mystery Photograph


Robert Yanacek reported another important honor for VMB 613 as follows:

VMB 613 has been added to the San Diego University website of resources for his students.  This link is at (Under Unit Histories):

VMB 613 has also been added to University of North Texas website as a World War II resource:

Robert Yanacek in a telecon with Jim Brotherton was told that all 15 aircraft had names painted on the nose like the Love Bug.  After some time on Kwaj the paint wore off due to the wind blowing the coral sand against the surface of the aircraft.  Eventually all the paint was removed from the noses of the aircraft, eliminating all evidence of the names.  His aircraft was named "Green Weenie".  He chose that name (which he thought was clever at the time) because the cooks were always feeding them "sick looking" miniature hotdogs (weenies).

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2006.  If there isn't an (06) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.

Note: (05) denotes 2005, (06) denotes 2006.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


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Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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