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5 December 2007

Memo To: All The Santa Claus Helpers


Hope that all had an opportunity to attend a Marine Corps Birthday event in your local area.  We had an evening banquet here in Santa Fe with about 65 Marines present with guests.

Foster Cummings attended a Marine Corps Banquet in Boston that had a large turnout.  This event has become a standard event for their area and attendance is closely monitored to make sure that the dining facility can accommodate all that want to attend.

Foster Cummings also had his annual Marine Corps event at his home with a large attendance of Marines in attendance.


Bob Polakowski called to inform us that we should be hearing from our contact for the reunion.  This individual a former WWII Marine has been instrumental in helping Marine organizations get oriented with the motel(s) in our planned reunion area.

This person is a member of a WWII Marine Unit who has been handling arrangements for his own squadron, and is aware of the information that we need to know regarding administrative matters and other important things.  He has told us that a two bedroom goes for $59.00.  Another advantage of the location is that there is a lot to see without having to do much traveling.

It would be appreciated if members would let me know if they are interested in attending so that we would could discuss the logistic matters with The Cross Road Inn. Additional  responses from the prospective attendees would be appreciated so that plans, arrangements etc. could be started.

Some members have already started to alert us as to their ability to attend.


Heard from Doc Protheroe who sends his best to all.  Everything remains well at Hilton Head he reported.  He and Jane were in the process of getting ready to leave for Florida on the 14th.

Jane sent along a newspaper article of interest that appeared in their local newspaper.  This article covered the awarding of a Bronze Star to a Marine Staff Sergeant.  He defused road side bombs saving lives in Iraq.

Their daughter Nancy, who lives in the Quanitco-Washington, D.C. area sent them a section of The Patriot, her local newspaper, which had several articles of interest on the Marine Corps.

Jim Garls reports that all is well in Pekin and although his mobility is limited, he feels fine.  Not that he is sick though, he has a very sore left knee and a troublesome right hip that make walking very difficult and dictate the use of a walker.

He is able to move short distances without the use of a cane and can use an electric scooter when out of doors.  This he uses quite a bit to take Ossie for his daily walk around the block.  He can't use the scooter in the house though because he doesn't have a ramp that would allow him to ride it into the house.

He was able to renew his driver's license and is no longer dependant on his niece for special errands and the like.  He has been able to use the electric carts at WalMart so he keeps his eyes open for the parking spaces close to the Stores entrance.

He also reported that the green of the trees is being replaced by all varieties of colors as autumn progresses.  He is now waiting for all the leaves to fall off of his seven Maple trees so that he can make but one major pick up of them for disposal.  When that is done than he can expect the first snow fall.

He hoped that no 613 Members were in the range of or victims of the California forest fires.

Bob Grice sends his regards to all.  He sent along a newspaper article on the passing of a World War II Army Air Force Major General.  This General has been given credit for pioneering “Skip Bombing” of Japanese ships in the South Pacific during World War II.  He flew 219 missions while piloting the B-25 Mitchell Bomber.

Homer Anderson sends his regards to all and hopes that the squadron is hail and hardy.  He reports that he and Jane are doing OK for old folks and will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary during November.

Their City of Santee was spared from the big fire storm but it did come within five miles of their locale.  They did get a lot of heavy smoke and ash-fall out (Calif. Snow).

Randy Clow sends his regards to all.  All is OK with them and they are getting around very well.

Lloyd McDaniel sends his best to all.  They are on the most part OK, Edna, however, has her good days and bad days.  He sent along a sheet of Marine aviation squadron emblems all printed in color which he found stored in some old records.  His copy had ink notes close to some of the squadron insignias which indicated the squadron numbers.  The PBJ units were all identified.  This was printed in 1944 and I remember it being sold at the Cherry Point PX or one could purchase it through the Leatherneck Magazine. 

Robert Klinke says hello and regards to all.  He also sent along the following message relative to Xmas Cards: 

When you are making out your Christmas Card list this year, please include the following address on your distribution list:

A Recovering American Soldier

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C.  20307-5001

Cliff Dotson says hello and regards to all.  He enjoyed reading the September 3, 1945 edition of the Hourglass.  To him it is a very historic document and he printed several copies for his friends in Birmingham and sent an e-mail copy to his brother in Tuscaloosa who was in the thick of it as a machine gunner in the 2nd Marine Division.

He reported that Patsy and he have no major health problems, other then the usual aches and pains that go along with age.  This has slowed down his tennis playing due to a shoulder injury which is getting better each day.  He was glad that it is only tendonitis and not a rotor cuff situation requiring surgery.

For those who want to relive some of Kwaj events he sent along information on “A Simple WIND-POWERED Washing Machine That You Can Build”.  This data contained memories to those who served in the South Pacific without wringer washers - let alone today's automatic wonders and the various energy sources to operate the equipment.

This accompanying diagram provides information with measurements to allow all to build a simple wind powered washing machine.

He reported that his area of the state has been in a deep drought situation and restrictions are in effect for watering lawns, this includes the specified days that they can water.

Tom and Connie Lahart send their regards to all. They had a beautiful summer and their leaves are still green.  They are still active and have been going on many day trips plus a few over night ones.  Their health has remained outstanding.

Received a medical report on Herb Schwartz.  He has been hospitalized for kidney stones but is doing much better now - especially since he is home.  He still has some follow up visits with the doctor and some more treatment maybe needed.  Other than that, all is well with him and Annette.

Arthur W. Parker son of a former 613'er Arthur F. Parker sent along a letter informing us that his folks went on a trip to Washington, D.C. and then had a visit with them at his home in PA. on their return trip home. 

He had a great in length discussion re: VMB 613 and his father's time at Kwajalein.  Arthur the son is making a scrap book with all the great pictures from the VMB 613's website.  He is finishing off the book presentation with a VMB 613 Hat Pin as a birthday present.

He reported that his Dad and Mom are both doing great and have lived in Florida for the past 23 years.  He thanked us for the great pictures.

Alice Bernard sends her regards to all.  She enjoys getting the monthly newsletter.  She is feeling quite well and continues to live in an Assisted Living home which is a little different than her own home, but it does give her an opportunity to relax a little.


Received word from Gail King, daughter of Gilbert Thomas, that her mother Martha D. Thomas passed away on October 17, 2007 at the Patty A. Clay Hospital in Richmond, KY.

Our webmaster received a letter from Lorraine A. Raccuia, the daughter of a squadron member by the name of Alexander Mislow.  She said that her Dad had passed away 10 August 1956.  Our webmaster reported that he was an aircraft mechanic in the Engineering Department and that his nickname was “Sonny”. If any members have a picture of him or any data that our webmaster can use to add to our existing records please let me know.


I spoke to James “Red” Nelson who sends a HOWDY TO All. He has been released from the hospital and Nursing Home hence he is at home.  He continues to have walking problems

which means that he has to have rehab treatment wherein it will give help to his efforts to practice walking, and endeavor to get movement for his legs.

His major areas to improve continue to be his left leg, ankle, foot, and arm which are still partially paralyzed.  He sounded outstanding considering his health problem.

Bob Longenberger sends his regards to all.  He has been in the hospital off and on for several months but is now at home. Rose Marie though has been in and out of the hospital 12 times in 2 years and is home recovering from medical problems.

Received an update on Stan Richardson from Peach Richardson.  The minor infection that was giving him problems had been eliminated from his system.  He is still bothered by  pulmonary proboscis problems though.

He is still endeavoring to stay ahead of the main health problem that has been bothering him. There hasn't been any major change in his health condition but Stan continues to improve his breathing routine to overcome his shortness of breath and is continuing to get more of his strength back.  Other wise he continues to be alert and seems to be content. 

Stan is still physically limited to how far he can walk and really has to watch it because he doesn't have the strength to get up and move about in the manner that he likes to.

He would like to be able to walk for long periods but his system won't let him.  He continues to feel stronger and endeavors to try physical activity which he is unable to do for an extended period.  He also takes daily treatment to improve  his systems breathing.

He is still enthused over his two Marine Corps caps that he has plus some other Marine Corps items.  They change the appearance of his hospital room.  Plus he has a choice of choosing one Marine Corps cap over the other for daily wear.

Another Marine comes in and they share stories on the Corps which makes the world go a little faster.

Stan continues to remain alert through all this though.  I am sure that he would like to hear from you folks, his address is as follows:

Stan Richardson

Westchester Gardens Rehabilitation & Care Center

Clearwater, Florida 33761



Our webpage continues to attract relatives and friends of VMB 613.  Hopefully many more relatives and friends will contact us to determine if we have information regarding their relatives and friends.

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2007.  If there isn't an (07) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.

Note: (06) denotes 2006, (07) denotes 2007, (08) denotes 2008.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


THE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEM, the squadron logo hat pin is still available for VMB 613 members and friends.  This pin is an inch in diameter and comes in a pewter finish or gold plated with a hand painted finish.  The colors are similar to the colored logo that was mailed out several months ago. Marine Corps Scarlet Red background, Gold Wings, Black Cannon and Maces.  Plus it is made in America.

Pewter finish logo hat pin - $4.50

Hand painted finish logo hat pin - $5.50

A new item is the license plate frame.  It is a composition material (special plastic) with a red background and gold lettering. The top of the frame has U.S. MARINES and the bottom VMB 613 WWII.  The cost is $5.00 INCLUDING PACKING AND SHIPPING.

USMC Heat Transfer Kit.  Has 6 large insignias and 6 small insignias.  Can use on caps, T shirts or any other cloth item.  These kits are $3.95 each.     

We still have the small VMB 613 number plate for the rear window at $5.00 each.  These now can be ordered with either a WHITE or RED background. 

The regular size VMB 613 license plate complete with mounting hardware is now available on special order for $20.00.

We have a limited number of Red VMB 613 caps, the cost is $10.00 each and are being sold on a first-order, first-serve basis.

These memorabilia items can be ordered from Charlie Knapp.

Here is a VMB 613 Special from McGrogan's Patch Design.  A cloth patch five inches in diameter which is the standard WWII size.  This is the VMB 613 squadron logo patch in color.  The cost to VMB 613 members is $3.50 per patch.  Order direct from the following address:

      McGrogran's Patch Design

PO Box 2254

Hayden, ID 83835


Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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