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9 August 2004

Memo To: All The Summer Leisure Types

Our webmaster, Robert Yanacek, has been very involved in ascertaining the facts related to the loss of David Snider at Ponape and why his remains were never located.  He has worked with the local airplane archeologists on Ponape who swept the aircraft crash site area electronically with no positive responses.

Prior to requesting further assistance from the U.S. Army Specialists in Hawaii he sent off an inquiry to Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.  After a diligent search on their part he received the following information from Headquarters, USMC Manpower:

1.  Sergeant Snider's service number is 805866

2.  His body was recovered and was identified on 28 September 1948.  A memo stated that his remains were identified by comparison of dental and physical characteristics.

3.  His father requested remains be retired to Kirshcenbaum Bros. Funeral Home, 345 Throop Avenue,  Brooklyn, N.Y. for burial in Riverside Cemetery, Rochelle Park, N.J.

Then our webmaster sent a request for assistance message to the Riverside Cemetery as follows:

I am writing on behalf of Marine Bombing Squadron Six Thirteen requesting your assistance in solving a 58 year old mystery that you may have the answer to.   

On February 6, 1945 one of our squadron's aircraft was shot down over Ponape, Caroline Islands.

On board was a Marine by the name of David Snider, Serial Number 805866.  Dave, along with the  rest of the crew was killed.  After the war our graves registration folks located the crash site and recovered the remains of five men.  Dave was not one of them.  We have been looking for answers for a very long time and have recently located information that Dave's body was recovered and identified on September 28, 1948.  Additionally we also received information that, at his Dad's request, Dave's remains were transported to Kirshcenbaum Brothers Funeral Home, 345 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. for burial in Riverside Cemetery, Rochelle Park, N.J.   

Is it possible for you to confirm that our comrade is buried at your cemetery?  If so would it be possible to get a photo of his grave? 

In advance I thank you for whatever assistance you may be able to provide.


Robert Yanacek

A photo of Dave's grave was received and is on the next page, two different views.

Received a message from Willis Roose who sends his regards to all.  He and Betty are in the process of getting ready for a trip to Finland, Russia, and Estonia in October.  While in Helsinki he will check the telephone book to see if there are any family members of VMB 613 personnel in the area.

Jim Garls says hello and regards to all.  He reports that he is moving more easily now with limited problems from his back, arthritis and such.

He has heard from Lou Ramsey and that he is totally retired now.  Lou went on a bus tour to Washington, D.C. for the dedication of the WWII Memorial.

Heard from Herb Siegert who sends his best to all.  He was glad that 613 was still up and running and stated that all the aircraft maintenance personnel did an outstanding job in keeping the planes in the air.

Bob Polakowski called and sends his best to all.  He is going in for heart surgery.  An Aorta valve which has been leaking for years under close monitoring finally reached the point where it was considered mandatory to perform some corrective surgery.

He has been in touch with Foster Cummings and mentioned that Foster sent him a lot of Marine Corps reading material which will keep him busy for weeks.

In addition to the newspapers he has started to read Fly Boys which is about the Marine Corps Aviation units in the Pacific.  Several members have already read it and loudly acclaimed it.

Heard from Doc Protheroe who says hello to all.  He sent along a true story of a Marine who wanted to be a Marine cook.  It is attached to this news letter for all to read and enjoy.

Foster Cummings says hello and regards to all.  He and Doris enjoyed watching the fireworks the evening of the 4th of July.  They passed up the parade which was held earlier in the day just to stay away from the traffic.

Foster received a call from Bill Kehr and reported that all was well with he and Marian.  They are getting ready to go on a trip to visit with family in various parts of the country.  This will keep them busy for several weeks.

Red Nelson called to say hello and regards to all.  All continues well with him and he hopes that all members are staying healthy.

Joe Yakawich says hello to all.  The hot weather in Montana (90 degrees plus) coupled with many thunderstorms has limited his out doors activity for a few days this month.  He has still    managed to get in some fishing and actually made a few catches.  He concluded some of his winter activities which among other things included making two model airplanes (44" long).  This included a P38 and a PBY Catalina.  He was also able to complete a few more Western Scene oil paintings.

He reported that his grandchildren really show a lot of interest in his models particularly when they are fully completed.  This also applies to his oil paintings which they ask for so that they can brighten up their rooms.

Joe went to Fort Leavenworth to attend the promotion ceremony for his son who was promoted to a Lt Col in the U.S. Army.  Joe brought along a set of Lt Col leaves which he pinned on his son.

The Lt Col has been assigned to a new tactics evaluation unit which allows him to travel around the world and review operational units in action, as well as, in training assignments.  Then he has to submit corrective action reports as required to correct any obvious deficiencies.

Eric and Joel York send their best to all.  Eric mentioned that severe back problems limited his ability to move about for several weeks.  Things improved for him and then Joel came down with the same back condition.  This prevented them from attending the reunion.  Joel still has problems though.

Their boys and families are doing fine, and their grand daughters graduated from high school and it is off to college in September for them.

Again, their back problems limited their traveling particularly to any distant areas which has meant an unusual way to spend the summer months.

Eric still maintains his mental dexterity with his fabulous stamp collection.  He mentioned that he has fourteen albums (world wide) that are about four inches thick, each one.

John Gavin says hello to all.  He has been nursing a sore elbow which he damaged in a fall and it is responding very slowly to medical assistance.  Additional meetings with the MD are in order to endeavor to get the elbow to straighten up and behave properly.

John came across a book entitled God and Ronald Reagan and decided to review it. He said that he was really surprised at how interesting it was.  Instead of a fast review he has made it into a  good book to read and digest the entire contents.

Mike Jacus says hello to all.  He has been limping somewhat due to the torn Achilles tendon but he continues to make progress.  Progress is down time and he reported that he is good at that.

He sent along some pertinent newspaper information which is of interest to VMB 613 Marines.

It is a picture of a B-25 that has been flying around the mid west making stop at various air ports and taking passengers up for a rides.  A lot of older Vets said that they stood in line for three days to go for the rides at $300 for a hour flight.

He also saw an Iwo Jima flag raising float from the Kenosha, WI Marine's that has been in operation for over forty years.

John Peterson says hello and regards to all.  He remains semi busy but he and Jane did have an opportunity to go on a trip after attending a graduation ceremony of one their grandson's.  The grandson was honored with being selected as the Class Valedictorian.

Art Navarre sends his regards to all.  He continues to feel well but still has to watch his physical activity just to make sure that he doesn't lose his coordination.

Wayne and Freda Noble send their regards to all.  Freda was the winner of Joseph Yakawich's Western Oil Painting during the Reunion Raffle which turned out to be two paintings.  Freda said that she has received them from Joe and that they were outstanding works of western art. She was very pleased with them.

Bob "Arky" Ligon called to say hello and give his regards to all.  He has been recuperating from one illness or another for a few months and finally had a pace maker installed.  This was really a great assist for his system and has made him feel a lot better, more energy.  He did have some other problems when a conflict between a couple of medicines developed.  This was overcome and again he knew that he was improving health wise.

He was sorry that he couldn't make the Pensacola Reunion but just wasn't sure that his whole system would be able to stand up for the travel and other niceties of the reunion.

Frank Robinson says hello and regards to all.  He states that all is well with him and that he maintains a physical education routine by walking around the grounds of his special  property to get in his daily mile or two of calisthenics.

On 20 July he will be celebrating his 81st birthday and is planning a small celebration for the event.

He continues to read the VMB 613 Squadron History book.  Again he said "I am really impressed with the history of the squadron as it is presented in the bound volume."  He commends Bill Kehr for his effort in taking the time to put everything together.

Kim Haddix, granddaughter of Frank Haddix had an opportunity to attend the World War II Memorial on June 11 and 12.  She sated that the Memorial is truly incredible and awe inspiring.  It is divided into two pavilions, one for each Theater of War, Pacific and Atlantic. 

I am attaching her letter which contains all the many outstanding background effects which makes the Memorial so outstanding.

Many thanks to the members who sent Reunion 2004 pictures to the webmaster for inclusion in the squadron's web page.  Don't be hesitant if you have some photos you would like to share send them to:

Robert J. Yanacek

104Radio Road

Powells Point NC 27966 

This is a reminder for the for the George W. Julian passengers.  A few years ago I mentioned in one of the news letters that George W. Julian was the Surveyor - General of the Territory of New Mexico.  This was a Presidential Appointment.

Just recently the local newspaper made reference to the Santa Fe Ring and it mentioned George Washington Julian was an honest surveyor-general.  He had been sent to Santa Fe by President Grover Cleveland to clean up the mess of the Santa Fe Ring.  He reported that the ring had hovered over the territory like a pestilence, and that they dominated governors, judges, district attorneys, legislators and surveyors-general, that they subordinated everything for land.

Just thought you might be interested in some more info on George Washington Julian's background.

The interest in VMB 613's website continues.  Website utilization through the first week of July was 1,974 hits/day.  Since the establishment of the Website the number of hits has been 252,159. 

These hits are from all over the world and came from over seventeen countries.

Correspondence received from the Ponape aircraft archeologists, Stan Gajda and Dick Williams, indicates that some more photographs of aircraft artifacts at the crash site are available and that they  will be sent on once the computer monitor gets rolling again.

They did mention that they are convinced that there were people on Ponape who knew that Sergeant Snider's remains had been recovered.  It was explained that people living on Ponape would not volunteer this information though unless specifically asked, since it is their custom "not to offer knowledge without it being asked as it is considered impolite to embellish."

Remember that our new fiscal year started in January 2004.  If there isn't an (04) or higher two digit number appearing after your name on the mailing label on your envelope you should mail a check to us made out to VMB 613 in the amount of $20.00 for payment of dues.

Note: (03) denotes 2003, (04) denotes 2004.  Many thanks to the members who have already sent in their dues checks.


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These memorabilia items can be ordered from Charlie Knapp.

Please continue the notes or letters all of which help to make the monthly letter more interesting. 

This is all for now.  Stay healthy.

Semper Fi,

Signature of Charles Knapp



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