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VMB-613 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen



Radio-Gunner's Compartment

RADIO GUNNER'S COMPARTMENT: Looking from the port side of the aircraft in the radio-gunner's compartment towards the bomb bay.  The mounting racks for the radio and radar equipment is visible on the left side of the photograph.

Photograph: 2005 Harold L. Parker

Third PBJ

THIRD PBJ: In approximately 70 feet of water, a third VMB-613 PBJ-1H is lying upside down with its landing gear extended and the bomb bay doors fully open.  According to diver Hal Parker, this particular PBJ is the one closest to Roi Island.

Photograph: 2005 Harold L. Parker

Fourth PBJ

FOURTH PBJ: During July 2007, diver and resident of Kwajalein, Dan Farnham, accidentally discovered a fourth VMB-613 PBJ at the bottom of Kwajalein Lagoon.

Photograph: 2007 Dan Farnham

Engine Nacelle

ENGINE NACELLE: With its starboard wing resting on a large coral outcropping, a close-up of the  engine nacelle reveals that it now serves as a safe home to many small reef fish.

Photograph: 2007 Dan Farnham

Fourth PBJ

FOURTH PBJ: Diver Bill Remick photographed this PBJ during one of his many dives in Kwajalein Lagoon.

Photograph: 1995 Bill Remick

Instrumant Panel

INSTRUMENT PANEL: Its instruments and other equipment gone, the cockpit of this PBJ is now a home for many colorful coral that inhabit the lagoon.

Photograph: 2007 Dan Farnham

Wingtip Radome

WINGTIP RADOME: Taken above the starboard wing, the remains of the wingtip radar nacelle can be clearly seen.  This radome housed the AN/APS-3 search radar and proved to be a key means of identifying these as VMB-613 aircraft.

Photograph: 2007 Dan Farnham

Remains of Radome

REMAINS OF RADOME: Diver Dan Farnham captured this image of the encrusted remains of the radome on the starboard wingtip of one of the PBJs.

Photograph: 2007 Dan Farnham

Fifth PBJ

FIFTH PBJ: In early 2009 Dan Farnham visited a previously un-located PBJ bringing the total of documented VMB-613 aircraft to five.

Photograph: 2009 Dan Farnham

Sixth PBJ

SIXTH PBJ: In September of 2009, diver Bill Remick, returned to Kwajalein Atoll and took the opportunity to search for some of VMB-613's aircraft.  During this trip he located three additional aircraft including this PBJ with its heavy encrustation of marine life on the port side of the aircraft.

Photograph: 2009 Bill Remick

Seventh PBJ

SEVENTH PBJ: This was the second new PBJ located by Bill Remick during his 2009 visit to Kwajalein.  One of Bill's diving companions can be seen descending towards the aircraft.

Photograph: 2009 Bill Remick

Eighth PBJ

EIGHTH PBJ: The third PBJ that Bill Remick located in 2009 was this aircraft, sitting with its tail resting high on a mound of coral.  Like most of the other aircraft, this one's engines have fallen from their mounts and now rest on the floor of the lagoon.

Photograph: 2009 Bill Remick

DIVERS VISIT A VMB-613 PBJ NEAR MELLU ISLAND, KWAJALEIN ATOLL: Depress the "PLAY" button to begin video.  MSIE users must click on the video player before depressing the "PLAY" button.

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Video: 2002 Harold L. Parker


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