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VMB-613 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen



Melted Aluminum

MELTED PIECE OF ALUMINUM: Recovered artifacts from Bureau Number 35275 on Ponape - A large piece of melted aluminum.

Photograph: 2001 Richard D. Williams

Bomb Shackle Hooks

BOMB SHACKLE HOOKS: Recovered artifacts from Bureau Number 35275 on Ponape - Bomb shackle hooks.

Photograph: 2001 Richard D. Williams

Various Fragments

VARIOUS FRAGMENTS: Recovered artifacts from Bureau Number 35275 on Ponape - A collection of .50 caliber projectiles, shell casings, and various pieces of twisted metal.

Photograph: 2001 Richard D. Williams

Dave Snider's Dog Tag

DAVE SNIDER'S DOG TAG: Immediately following the end of World War II, a number of squadron members went to Ponape in search of the crew of MB-6 that had been lost over the island on February 6, 1945.  One squadron member recovered a dog tag from the body of Sergeant David Snider and brought it back to Kwajalein where it was given to Dave's friend, Corporal Herbert E. Schwartz.  Corporal Schwartz had hoped to return the dog tag to Sergeant Snider's wife upon his return to the United States, however he was unable to locate her.  

Photograph: Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (Courtesy of Herbert E. Schwartz)

Grave of Bill Love and Crew

GRAVE OF BILL LOVE AND CREW: Five of the crew members who were shot down on February 6, 1945 were re-interred at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri on June 10, 1949.  The names on their marker are: Leland E. Baumbach, Sgt; John A. Becker, Sgt; William J. Love, 1stLt; John R. Schwaller, SSgt, and; Thomas W. Stone, 1stLt.

Photograph: Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (Courtesy of Charles F. Knapp)

Grave of Dave Snider

GRAVE OF DAVE SNIDER: Sergeant David Snider who was killed in the Ponape raid on February 6, 1945 was re-interred at Riverside Cemetery, Rochelle Park, New Jersey on July 6, 1949.

Photograph: Riverside Cemetery (Courtesy of Amy Chappell)

Thomas W. Stone Memorial

THOMAS W. STONE MEMORIAL: In memory of First Lieutenant Thomas W. Stone, the Stone family donated land on their family farm in Vineland, Kansas to the local cemetery.  Susan Clare (nee Stone), daughter of Lieutenant Stone, stands beside a memorial at the cemetery gate dedicated to her father.  Susan was just two months old when her father was killed over Ponape. 

Photograph: Larry Clare

Heritage Foundation Brick Registration

HERITAGE FOUNDATION BRICK REGISTRATION: In 2005, the Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen Association purchased a memorial brick for the winding pathway at the newly opened National Museum of the Marine Corps and Heritage Center at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia.  The brick, inscribed with the words "VMB 613 In Memory of the Ponape Mission" recalls the ill-fated mission over Ponape on February 6, 1945 in which seven members of VMB-613 were killed-in-action.

Photograph: Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (Courtesy of Charles F. Knapp)


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