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VMB-613 Squadron Insignia

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen



We wish to extend our thanks to the following VMB-613 members who have contributed information, photographs, and documents for use on this website: Frank Acker; Edwin Alling; Homer Anderson; Hugh Arant, William Barber, Jack Barton, Herbert Baxter, Vernon Beggs, James Brotherton II, Robert Brueggestrass; Frank Carthey; Donald Clay; George Comer; Charles Cosbey; Foster Cummings; David Danser; Clifford Dotson; Nicholas Dudo; James D. Garls; John Gavin; Norbert Gibbs; Rudolph Hubert; Eldridge Hudspeth; Stanford Inman; Michael Jacus Jr; Brooks Kaufman; William Kehr; Charles Knapp; Frank Kos; Robert Litzau; Robert Longenberger; Farley R. Lund; Robert Marx; Lloyd McDaniel; Joseph McDonald; Oran W. Noble; Frank Noland; James Packard; Arthur Parker; John Peterson; Allen Protheroe; Charles Ringler; Isaac Richardson; Willis Roose; Calvin Russell; Herbert Schwartz; Robert Shock; Howard Smith; Fred Staren; Ivan Stern; George Tisdale; Clifford Willis; Samuel Wolfe; Paul Yanacek, and; Wayne Youngren.

In addition, we also wish to recognize the contributions of photographs, information and assistance provided by various family members of those who served with VMB-613: Harold Beal III, son of squadron member Harold F. Beal Jr; Jennifer Brady, granddaughter of squadron member Edmund Zitkus; Larry Clare, son-in-law of squadron member Thomas Stone; Beth Cullom, daughter of James Cullom; Robert DeBoth, son of squadron member James DeBoth; Theresa Delvecchio, wife of squadron member Leonard Delvecchio; Chuck Duvall, son of squadron member Charles R. Duvall; Dorothy Evans, widow of squadron member Alva A. Evans Jr; Kim Haddix, granddaughter of squadron member Frank Haddix; Diane Hindy, daughter of squadron member Art Navarre; Debbie Kane, daughter of squadron member Henry O. Shaneyfelt; Robert Klinke, son of squadron member Alvin J. Klinke; Nathan LaRicca, grandson of Dale Faith; Brooke Ligon, daughter of squadron member Robert S. Ligon; Larry, Terry, Frank Jr., and Paul Manning, sons of squadron member Francis S. Manning; John Martincevic, son of squadron member Matthew Martincevic; Christopher Pelletiere, grandson of squadron member Ross K. Bennett; Lorraine Raccuia, daughter of squadron member Alexander Mislow; Ostell Scarborough Jr., son of squadron member Ostell Scarborough; Davey Ellen Bayer, daughter of squadron member David Snider; Tim White, son of squadron member Donald White; Andrew Yanacek, grandson of squadron member Paul Yanacek, and; Diane M. Yanacek, daughter-in-law of squadron member Paul J. Yanacek. 

The following persons, although not related to VMB-613 members, have earned a special mention for their contributions of photographs, research, and assistance to this website: Annette D. Amerman; Jonathan & Christine Bird; Ron Broadaway; Amy Chappell; Diane C. Day; Richard H. Dickerson; Stephen A. Druzak; Dan Farnham; Dave Fortin; Brian French; Stan Gajda; Julie Grob; Janet Hawkins; J. Michael Miller; Mark S. Miller; Mary Moon; Linda Morgan; Harold Parker; Bill Remick; Eric Sperger; Michael Starn; Craig Thorson; Roy Thorson; Scott Wallace, and; Richard D. Williams.

A very special thanks is also extended to Michael Thompson, son of VMB-611 squadron member, Francis Thompson, for his numerous hours of work on compiling and cross-checking the squadron's personnel roster.

We would also like to recognize our corporate sponsors.  Their generosity in making top-quality products and services available to us has greatly enhanced the appearance and enjoyment of viewing this website: Fluid Dynamics Software Corporation; GMapEZ; Google MapsPHP Junkyard; Project Playlist Inc, and; Source Tec Software Company, Ltd.  

Without the efforts of these, and many others, this website would not have been possible.

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